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Recommended Christian Links  Information on The Coptic Orthodox Church such as its history, dogmas, liturgies, saints

The Agpeya  (The Book of The Hours)

The Bible:  King James Version

Bible Basic Words Pronunciation

e-Sword – Free Bible study software for Windows

Writings of the Early Church Fathers

The Ragheb Moftah Collection at the Library of Congress

Orthodox eBooks


Worldwide Directory of Coptic Orthodox Churches

Virgin Mary and St. Athanasius, Mississauga, Canada

Saint Mina – Holmdel, N.J

St-George and St-Joseph Church – Montreal, Canada

St. George, Sporting, Alexandria, Egypt Contains a directory of Coptic Churches in the United States

St. Maurice and St. Verena, Toronto, Canada

Kenissat El Kadesseen in Sidi Bishr, Alexandria, Egypt

Coptic  Hymns Sermons and Songs Annual and seasonal hymns of the Coptic Church.

Asaph Center:  A great collection of Coptic Hymns provided by St. Mina”s Multimedia

Tasbeha On-Line  Your Source for Coptic Hymns, Liturgies, and Chants  Provides a collection of English Orthodox sermons

St  Provides a collection of Arabic, English and Coptic hymns and songs

 Other Useful Internet Sites

Encyclopedia Britannica

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