Graduation criteria:

  • Each student will be evaluated and graded based on the following:
    1. Attendance: 30%
    2. Semesters Exams: 15%
    3. Co-op services: 15%
    4. Participation in class and servants’ recommendation: 40%
  • A passing grade of more than 50% is required before a student can move to the next year.

+  Attendance

  • Students are expected to be on-time in the class. Attendance is essential for passing as it includes a percentage in both the attendance part and the class participation part.
  • Absence notices to be sent to the individual class servants

+  Class Participation

  • Students should be actively involved in classroom discussions on a frequent basis.

+  Semesters Exams

  • The exam is conducted at the end of each semester; exact date is going to be determined and announced/posted on the church website, servants preparation webpage.

+ Communication:

The main method of communication will be via email and whatsApp group. Please make sure to provide a valid email address, as you will be receiving notices/ Homework/Assignments via email. We promise not to send more than one email per week and we promise not to provide your email address to anyone else.

+  Co-op Hours

Student should complete some hours every year in church services as a co-op; here are suggested services, students can assist with:

  1. Sunday School Classes
  2. Kids, COOL and Youth Conventions – In July & August
  3. Sunday School Activities – In January (Nativity), September (Nayrouz) & April/May (Resurrection)
  4. Christ Lives in Christian Kids (CLICK) Program – Every Saturday
  5. Baby Sitting – During Women & Deacons Meetings, Every 1st Saturday each month
  6. Coptic & Hymns Classes – Every Saturday
  7. Summer Camp Program – In July & August
  8. Summer Evening Program – In July & August
  9. Scouts Program
  10. Kids Bible Study – On Saturdays
  11. Kitchen – Every Sunday
  12. Church Cleaning
  13. Church Website
  14. Maintaining Service Books (Kholagies)
  15. Church Trips – In January (Sunday School Trip) & in May (Family Retreat)
  16. Korban (Bethlehem)
  17. SMSJ YA (St Mary & St Joseph Church’s Youth Association)
  18. Sports activities for Children.
  19. Other services as needed by the church.

A co-op evaluation form should be filled out by an adult servant indicating the hours.

(Please click here for the co-op evaluation form)

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