Graduation criteria:

  • Each student will be evaluated and graded based on the following:
    1. Attendance: 15%
    2. Homework and Assignments: 15%
    3. Semesters Exams: 15%
    4. Co-op services: 15%
    5. Participation in class and servants’ recommendation: 40%
  • A passing grade of more than 50% is required before a student can move to the next year.
  • A letter of reference from the Father of confession is mandatory before a student moves from SP-Yr2 to SP-Yr3 and to graduate from SP-Yr3 into becoming Sunday school servant.
  • Students will be given progress report cards following their semesters’ exams in order to update them on their progress in the class. These cards will be signed by the priest and requested to be signed by parents, then to be submitted to the servants.


+  Attendance

  • Students are expected to be on-time in the class. Attendance is essential for passing as it includes a percentage in both the attendance part and the class participation part.
  • Absence notices are requested to be sent out by e-mail to servants at ( indicating the reason for absence.


+  Homework and Assignments

  • Homework and assignments are provided at the end of the presentations. The answers are expected to be sent out within one week after the assignment is given unless indicated otherwise by the servant; servants review the answers and send back their notes or comments.
  • Answers are preferred to be sent out by email to servants defining the subject clearly; for example:  Subject: Homework BS-1 or Subject: Homework SPR-2, HIS-1 & RIT-3


+  Class Participation

  • Students should be actively involved in classroom discussions on a frequent basis.
  • Every student should bring the following to the class:
    1. Binder or notebook (to take notes)
    2. Personal Bible (New King James Version “NKJV”, New Revised Standard Version “NRSV”, or Orthodox Study Bible “OSB”) – Students may not use Bible software on cell phones or any electronic devices without prior permission from the classroom servant.


+  Semesters Exams

  • The exam is conducted at the end of each semester; exact date is going to be determined and announced/posted on the church website, servants preparation webpage.

+ Communication:

The main method of communication will be via email. Please make sure to provide a valid email address, as you will be receiving notices/ Homework/Assignments via email. We promise not to send more than one email per week and we promise not to provide your email address to anyone else.

Other methods Include:

  1. Twitter (follow us at: SMSJ Servants Prep @SMSJ_SP),
  2. Facebook (join us at: SMSJ Servants Prep), and
  3. Text messaging.


+  Co-op Hours

Student should complete some hours every year in church services as a co-op; here are suggested services, students can assist with:

  1. Sunday School Classes
  2. Kids, COOL and Youth Conventions – In July & August
  3. Sunday School Activities – In January (Nativity), September (Nayrouz) & April/May (Resurrection)
  4. Christ Lives in Christian Kids (CLICK) Program – Every Saturday
  5. Baby Sitting – During Women & Deacons Meetings, Every 1st Saturday each month
  6. Coptic & Hymns Classes – Every Saturday
  7. Summer Camp Program – In July & August
    1. Summer Evening Program – In July & August
  8. Scouts Program
  9. Kids Bible Study – On Saturdays
  10. Kitchen – Every Sunday
  11. Church Cleaning
  12. Church Website
  13. Maintaining Service Books (Kholagies)
  14. Church Trips – In January (Sunday School Trip) & in May (Family Retreat)
  15. Korban (Bethlehem)
  16. SMSJ YA (St Mary & St Joseph Church’s Youth Association)
  17. Sports activities for Children.
  18. Other services as needed by the church.

A co-op evaluation form should be filled out by an adult servant indicating the hours.

(Please click here for the co-op evaluation form)