Create a new account (1st time only)


This screen will allow you to login to your account. If you don’t have an account you can click on create new account. If you have an account enter your user name and password then click login. Go to step (3)


Use the above screen to create you account. Fill all fields then click “Send New Account Request” . You will receive a confirmation email with activation link. If you don’t receive the email, please check you email spam folder.


After you login you will see the above screen. That screen will enable you to :

  1. Change your profile information like your grade, your name and your password.
  2. Participate in this week and last week contest.
  3. View you point balance.
  4. View your previous contest results.


In contest screen you can answer questions. After you answer you can save your answers. At the end of the week you need to send your answers. Please note that if you don’t send your answers you will not get any point. Beside each question there is a date. To get the bonus points of continues reading, you need to answer the question on the date beside each question. If you missed that date you will still get the question point but you will loos (3 points) bonus of the week and (10 points) bonus of the book completion.



Keep reading the BIBLE.



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