Abroad Outreach

The University/College Abroad Outreach serves youth who are studying abroad, away from their homes in Canada, at anyplace in the world.

With many students studying in different countries like England, Ireland, Egypt, the USA and the Caribbean, it is important for all of us to stay connected supporting each other and growing together in our relationship with God to witness for Him everyplace we go.

Through God’s grace, lifelong friendships will be formed, experiences from around the world will be shared, and the connection with the Church as well as each other will become stronger.

Meetings are held monthly, on the last Sunday of every month, with discussions on various topics including Social struggles, Spirituality, Church dogma, Apologetics, Bible studies and meditations led by the youth.

By God’s grace we pray that through this service, relationship with God will grow, connection with the Church will be maintained, and that all of us to witness for God wherever we are, and become the salt of the earth as we are called to be.

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