Wishing you a Blessed St.Mary’s Fast


For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed for He who is mighty has done great things for me, And holy is His name.


Hail to Mary Mother of God                              whenever you see the sun

Magnify her,  glorify her                                    She was chosen to bear the Son

Before God even the heavens                           are not pure in His holy sight

Higher than heaven is St. Mary                         who became Mother of the true Light

She is above the angels                                    in the heaven her light does shine

Over the saints and Apostles                             is the Mother of the true wine

David said in his Psalm                                       Mary is seen as a golden dove

God chose her, queen of us all                           to her we give our deepest love

As we call her to help us                                    we will find her by our side

On the rocky road of living                                 she will hold our hands to guide

As we gaze up to the havens                            and raise our eyes to the sky

In trials and tribulations                                     on her always we can rely

Virgin Mary as we stand here                            seeking thy presence this hour

Of the Lord we ask through you                        to fill us with holy power

Chanting her endless virtues                              give her always unceasing praise

With adoration and love to Mary                       our voices to her praise,

Hail to Mary, Queen of heaven                          on the right side of the King

All the nations and forever                                 praise to her we always sing

You’re the Mother of us all                                your protection on us impart

We shall always praise your majesty                  and keep you in our heart.

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